Flavors of Fast 2016

A trip around the world of immediate payments

The global trend toward immediate payment networks is clearly accelerating with regular announcements of new initiatives from around the world.

When the first Flavors of Fast appeared in 2014 we counted fourteen live schemes around the world, one being defined, and one in very early stages. Two years later we cover nineteen live schemes, five with very clearly defined progress and four ‘on the radar’.

That’s why we want to continue the debate. Flavors of Fast features exclusive interviews, country profiles and for the third year-in-a-row, our Faster Payment Innovation Index©.

Food for Thought…

  • How can we jointly turn an immediate payment into a meaningful transaction for consumers?
  • What relevant propositions can we define for our business customers?
  • How can we as an industry innovate on top of immediate payment schemes?
Take a trip around the world of immediate payments by downloading Flavors of Fast to find out.